About Defence Lab

The new DNA Fight Science Program devised by Andy Norman, and Defence Lab, is an “EVOLVED” Combat System that has in truth been evolving continuously over the past 30 years; a consequence of real-life “experiences”, pressure testing, research and investigation, and ultimately trying to answer that never ending question: “DOES IT REALLY WORK?”

The DNA system is a reflection of Andy’s very own provocative life journey so far. Andy has an awesome training pedigree, and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies.

Andy says:

“I have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly been a “secret” code of our genetic makeup.

I have, right from the very beginning of my studies, been captivated with the process of defence in attack; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal and ballistic form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an acronym for defence ‘in’ attack… so that’s how the DNA fight science name came about”.

“DNA – Defence in attack; perfectly describes what we do, and what I have been doing all my life”

Great things are spawned from what many consider to be crazy, until it becomes the “NORM”…


specialty; close quarter. The DNA program does encompass and cover all ranges of combat, no question there, but our true forte is our aggressive smash and enter process. My objective over the years has been to develop processes that enable us to perform under pressure in close quarters; own the close quarter domain”

DNA is our personal code, it’s who we are, and we, as students of the combat arts, are ultimately trying to crack the “chaos code”

Decrypting the chaos code is like studying the universe, its mind boggling, but there is a formula that can be used to firstly help us to understand our physical capabilities, which in turn then helps us to exploit the knowledge that we attain via deep introspective studies of the human both physically and emotionally.

DNA by DL has a set of core mechanical development exercises that form the foundation of your personal physical platform. Without this platform, its difficult develop the abilities required in order to perform at maximum potential, as these core drills teach the rudiments of the 4 combat levels and efficiency of motion.

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